Freedom: Part 5

Here are the notes on our 4th February 2019 meeting, during which we discussed Thaler’s views on libertarian paternalism.

Optional Materials

We’ll look at two video series, both from ARTE. In the first series, Earn a Living, the videos are each around ten minutes (x6 ~= 1 hour). We’ll also look at the first part of ARTE’s series on anarchism (52 minutes).

  1. Earn a Living. Six videos. ARTE, 2018.
  2. Ramonet, Tancrède. No Gods, No Masters: A History of Anarchism. “Part 1: The Passion for Destruction (1840–1906)”. YouTube. ARTE, 2016.

Plan for Future Meetings / Request for Help

This is a tentative plan of topics, subject to change as the conversation evolves:

  • Monday, 25 February 2019: Alternative organisations of society.
  • Monday, 11 March: Free Will/Determinism (e.g., 12).
  • Monday 25 March 2019: Digital Freedom.
  • Monday, 8 April 2019: Sovereignty (e.g., 1).

Please let me know if you have any material that might be of interest or relate to a future topic—this could include books, articles, videos, podcasts, exhibitions, films or anything else you can think of.

I would also welcome suggestions for other aspects of freedom that we could consider.

“Poverty and slavery are thus only two forms of—one might almost say two words for—the same thing, the essence of which is that a man’s energies are expended for the most part not on his own behalf but on that of others; the outcome being partly that he is overloaded with work, partly that his needs are very inadequately met.”

― Arthur Schopenhauer, “On Law and Politics,” in Essays and Aphorisms

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