Information: Part 2

The next meeting will be on 3rd June at 7pm. The overall topic is information, which could include changes in the volume of information, the methods by which it is disseminated, as well as aspects of epistemology. 

The second reading is an excerpt from John Brockman’s new book on AI, Possible Minds: Twenty-Five Ways of Looking at AI. The essay in question is by George Dyson, who was mentioned at the last meeting. He posted his essay in its entirety: “The Third Law: The Future of Computing is Analog.” He also has a rather interesting bio.

We are staying on this topic as some who expressed interest in the book from last time couldn’t make it. That is John Von Neumann’s The Computer and the Brain (PDF), published posthumously in 1958. It is well-worth reading if you did not have time last time.

Please note: We’ll be meeting at The Sekforde, in Clerkenwell, near Barbican/Farringdon stations.


Future Meetings

Please let me know if you have any material that might be of interest or relate to a future topic—this could include books, articles, videos, podcasts, exhibitions, films or anything else you can think of.

I would also welcome suggestions for other topics that we could consider.

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