Notes on Freedom: Part 5

Last week we talked about capitalism and its alternatives, based on the Earn a Living video series and the first part of a documentary on anarchism, both produced by ARTE, a French-German cultural/intellectual TV channel.


  • We started by discussing Universal Basic Income: from the nationwide, randomised pilot in Finland, which just completed its first year, it doesn’t appear to stimulate employment, but it does seem to make people happier, which might not be a bad outcome. See an article about it here.
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Freedom: Part 5

Here are the notes on our 4th February 2019 meeting, during which we discussed Thaler’s views on libertarian paternalism.

Optional Materials

We’ll look at two video series, both from ARTE. In the first series, Earn a Living, the videos are each around ten minutes (x6 ~= 1 hour). We’ll also look at the first part of ARTE’s series on anarchism (52 minutes).

  1. Earn a Living. Six videos. ARTE, 2018.
  2. Ramonet, Tancrède. No Gods, No Masters: A History of Anarchism. “Part 1: The Passion for Destruction (1840–1906)”. YouTube. ARTE, 2016.
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